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* S+P Worldnews: Graphical Ephemeris for SEPTEMBER-2017 (and STILL NO BROMANCE between TRUMP and PUTIN!...)

And here we have the
for SEP-2017

(this post fits together with:)
♦ FORECAST ♦ for SEP-2017 (with Analysis for STOCKS & GOLD)

(Most likely) most important aspects in SEP-2017:
MERCURY(orange)-MARS(red) Conjunction: because MERCURY is still retrograde and turns direct on SEP/05 this one will be active for an unusual long time from 31-AUG to about 19-SEP ( w. 03°30' Orb - Exact: 03 + 16 SEP)!
JUPITER(dark-red)-URANUS(electic-blue) Opposition: Valid from about 13-SEP to 12-OCT (w. 03°30' Orb - Exact: 28-SEP) 
Also very important: MARS(red) (+ MERCURY) - NEPTUNE(pink) Opposition between 19-30-SEP (03°30' Orb - exact 24-SEP!)


Due to the fact, that MERCURY will be (again - as it was in AUG-2017!) in Opposition to NEPTUNE from 18-22-SEP (X = 20!) and MARS too from 19-30 (see above!) SEPTEMBER is VERY LIKLEY to be another 'LIER/FRAUD-MONTH' - as big parts of MAY and AUG was!
But SEP-2017 might be actually the WORST! Expect a lot of (old and new) SCANDALS/FRAUDS/LIES/TRUMPISMS/ALTERNATIVE FUCKTS and FAKE NEWS and maybe a lot of SEMI-IMBECILE BEHAVIOUR!!!
(This is especially true for the last 2 weeks of SEP, but then on the other hand we have also the SUN in Opp/180° to NEPTUNE from 01- 08-SEP... X on 5th; the very same day when MERCURY turns DIRECT again. I'm afraid that this fact will NOT make things clearer, but the OPPOSITE: MORE NEBULOUS...)

and if you don't forget (read on below!)

that URANUS is actually the WHOLE MONTH of SEP in near-exact semisquare/45° to NEPTUNE, this theme is even more HIGHLIGHTED!
And JUPITER is joining too!
(look at the ORANGE/RED/DARK-RED/ELECTRIC-BLUE and PINK lines from 18-30 SEP!)

Not a lot going on in the HARMONIOUS 60°/120° Graphical Ephmeries:
JUPITER is still sextiling/60° SATURN in the first days of SEP and SATURN is in Trine/120° to the Moon's Nodes...

I'm afraid BOTH can't wipe out the STRESSFUL aspects I've mentioned above...)

MERCURY-MARS Conjunction is ALSO in harmonious Trine/120° to URANUS between 28-AUG - 11-SEP and might help to overcome the negative SUN-NEPTUNE Opposition?
(And the negative MARS-(MERCURY)-PLUTO Sesquisquare/135° from around 8th???)

And STILL no bromance between TRUMP and PUTIN - as I 'forecasted' it lately:

01/02-SEP-2017: Under the MERCURY-MARS Conjunction and the SUN-NEPTUNE Opposition:

San Francisco: Donald Trump gibt den Kalten Krieger - SPIEGEL ONLINE:
Russland protestiert gegen Durchsuchung von Büros in Washington D.C. - SPIEGEL ONLINE:
(in german - you'll find the same article in english somewhere in the WWW...)

WHY it was BURNING in the RUSSIAN EMBASSY in 'gay SF'?
(AND in gay DC?!)
I have no idea - but I can guess:

It was DJ TRUMP who had URGENTLY to BURN/ANNIHILATE some VIP-SECRET PAPERS! Woahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ;-) 

(or maybe it was a GAY STUFF? - Woahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!)


May the STARS be with us - but not with Donald Trumpus!!!!!!!!

(c) 2011 - 2017 by Tibor Bugetty/aka Tibor Tausz-Weber.

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